Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Katy Catch Up... is my birthday! So I got a bit of time yesterday and today to between making a turkey dinner and opening presents and cleaning up and skating and playing with the kids' new toys...

So, I finally squeezed the charity block in just before the deadline! I've always wanted to try a bear paw design...super fun and quite friendly too...

and then I was on a roll and I polished off Micaela's crazy piecing block... I found it a lot more challenging than I thought it would be, but I love the final product! The oranges in the 'real life' version are much more calm and light and yet in the photo they have a much brighter hue...Hope the colours fit your vision Micaela. This will be a beautiful quilt when it comes together...can't wait to see it.

 I would probably have worked on Jennifer's block too but...I own no solids in those hues! Time for a trip to the fabric store!!

Much love, holiday blessings, and happy new year wishes. Looking forward to sewing with and for you all in the new year...



  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I love bear paw blocks and your colors are so happy! I need to dig through my stash to work on Micaela's block. And a trip to the fabric store is in my future too!

  2. Yes, happy belated birthday. Katy! Those are very fun bear paws, and I love the little elephants. Thanks for working through the block for me, sorry that it took a long time, but I really love it! Bigger pieces are fine though, for anyone who doesn't have much time.

  3. Micaela! It actually didn't take me a long time to was just a mental challenge, which I looove... I thought 'oh easy, free form sewing' but actually it is quite technically challenging to come up with pieces that fit together, don't crease or bubble, and look good together... I loved the challenge...all in all, it took the same amount of time as the bear paw, so by no means time consuming... winter blessings to you. Hope your trip to Australia is going really well. xo Katy

  4. Oooh.. Katy, I love your bear claw! That is adorable! I love the brightness contrasted with the white background. So cute. I love your block for Micaela as well. I like the earthy tones. Well done!!

  5. Hi Katy, Your colorful and adorable block arrived in the mail today, thank you!! All of the animals are so cute and your color choices are perfect together. I will get out all of the blocks and lay them together. I'll make a post with them this weekend.

    1. Oh, and happy belated birthday Katy!! xoJennifer