Monday, February 24, 2014

Anthea's Star for Amy

I was conscious of your intended recipient of this quilt Amy and so discarded a couple of my initial fabric choices because they were too floral.  As a result I think my star has turned out.....well, quite masculine.

Has anyone else had trouble getting the block flat? Despite pressing alternate ways, pressing from the front, pressing from the back, and pressing and pressing and pressing some more, all those seems close together make the block want to "lift".  Am I missing something critical?

I hope you find that this block fits your plan Amy.

Anthea xx


  1. I like the navy you've used, Anthea. It looked like real stars, constellations. Lovely and crisp!

    1. You are spot on Amy. The navy fabric also has scattered crescent moons, but I avoided them because I didn't think it would suit.

  2. I think the color choices are perfect! Thank you so much!