Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Finished Quilt!!!

I am so so excited to share with you pictures of my finished International Stashes 2013 quilt!! I love it so much. I keep going up to look at and marvel at the beautiful fabrics and colors. Every time I look at it I find a something I haven't seen before. Thank you for all of your help. I ended up paying someone to quilt it. I have come to the conclusion that I love cutting, piecing and putting the top together, but quilting is just not my strong suit. Especially with such a big quilt, I just couldn't tackle it. I will give it a try again, though, I promise! I'm just so happy it is finally done! 


  1. It looks fantastic! Congratulations on your finish!!! I agree I do not like finishing a quilt on a domestic machine...that is what my longarm is for! ;)

  2. Hooray Amy!!!!!!! IT is so beautiful... I love love love the patterns that the top quilting made on the work of art... Way to go! (I'm not sure I'm all that interested in finishing my own top-stitching either...)

  3. Bravo Amy. You must be feeling very chuffed you sneak in and just gaze lovingly and admiringly at it? I would be.

  4. Well done Amy, that is a beautiful quilt. The colours are absolutely lovely. I love it when someone finishes off their quilt. I must go and push on with my 2013 quilt...I feel inspired.

  5. It looks stunning! So much colour.