Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jamie's February Block for Amy (USA)

I was feeling a bit more confident this go around, and then realized I had no clue how to do these HST things! Thank you so much for Amy (Canada) and Shauna and Micaela who came to my rescue at Amy's house. It was really nice getting to meet them, and spend time learning a bit more about quilting. I got everything cut and made the triangles and turned them into squares while at Amy's house. I never thought I'd be able to do this, so I'm feeling quite accomplished now! I managed to finally sort out the bobbin issue. I still can't explain it, but now it works, so I'm just knocking on wood that it doesn't happen again. I finally pieced it all together today and I think that, aside from a few little things that I can notice, it looks okay! I'm sure that as I make more of these, I'll be able to line them up a bit better, but I really gave it my best this time around! I'm really looking forward to next month's quilt now.


  1. Nicely spangly Jamie. Bet you are feeling pleased with your newly found skill - HST's and getting all the points pointy terrified me too at first (about this time last year) and there was lots of un-picking and re-sewing of my first block for Jennifer.
    Although we are rather exotic being spread all over the globe, I am envious of you lucky four getting together to sew. Proximity has great benefits.

  2. Great job Jamie! HST's used to terrify me, but I actually enjoy them now! I am glad that you have the opportunity to work with so many members of our group!

  3. Yay Jamie!! This hst looks perfect! I'm so glad you've joined our's a safe and encouraging group to learn with and from. I miss Amy and Shauna and the Waterloo quilting glad you've found a spot with them. It's fun to see how each of our personalities comes out in our fabric choices and styles, isn't it? Great work on both blocks!!!