Saturday, February 1, 2014

Micaela's block for Jennifer

Hi all,
I got a good start on the Jan square, but it took until yesterday to get it finished.  Hope you like it Jennifer - I had a great time working with the solids, and I loved the subtle differences that came from the free cutting, though I'll admit I did use my ruler as a guide about half an inch away from where I was intending to make the cut, and I estimated pretty wide. I ended up trimming quite a bit to get to the 8" squares, but I think it worked out in the end. It went in the mail today. 
 It has been very snowy here this winter, though I know we're not unique, it has been tough for many in North America... Here's our patio table.  We haven't had this much snow piled up for many years, and more is coming today!

I am excited about Amy's February square, and I've already cut out the pieces... now to wait until the kids are up from their naps so the sewing machine doesn't wake them up :)



  1. Wow, look at that snow. I am impressed. Your block for Jennifer has turned out well Micaela, it is amazing how differently we've all made them. I'm looking forward to seeing how you arrange them all Jennifer.

  2. Thank you Micaela! I have been really happy with the subtle greens that everyone (including you!) has used, I didn't want this to turn out looking like a Christmas quilt. Red is one of my favorite colors and I'm glad this quilt have many rich reds throughout. Pretty snow, we are having a very mild winter in Switzerland, we could use some of that!

  3. Lovely picture of the snow Micaela. How has everyone in your family managed to resist putting their hands in that perfect heap of snow and throwing it in the air? It looks irresistible to me. Lovely block too.