Saturday, March 1, 2014

Amy's whirligig for Anthea

Maybe I am a keener…! I have nothing on my sewing list, so I was happy to get this done right away. I love this square! It is so lovely and so so easy. In fact, Anthea, are you sure you only want one? It took less than thirty minutes. I hope these greens are what you had in mind! I know you like Amy Butler, so I tried to find a print that fit your requirements. The only comment I have is that I wasn't totally paying attention when cutting my white squares. I had to recut them because I didn't cut them opposite of each other. Otherwise, this was so simple and fun to do!


  1. Yes you are keen Amy. Thankyou so very much, I love it. Yes I do love Amy Butler and your chosen fabric is gorgeous. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.
    I felt too cheeky asking for more than one block. Especially because I haven't quite decided whether to make an entire quilt top out of whirlygiggles or something like s.o.t.a.k handmade's puzzle quilt (check out on 26 December 2012 if you are interested). So if you really would like to whip up another, then I would gratefully and humbley love it.
    And if you are really scratching around for things to do, then I'd have you over here Amy - there is a half completed dress, the hems of my bedroom curtains and a pile of mending to finish off at my place!

  2. Gorgeous fabric, Amy. I haven't seen it until now. Still needing to use my quilting bee gift certificate to Hancocks, perhaps this fabric will go in my basket!