Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'm Still Here and Still Sewing!

Hello dear Bee Members,
I am so sorry that I have fallen off the radar for the past month. February was just "one of those months" that I felt I was barely keeping my head above water! This past weekend I actually got caught up on the blocks for February and for March...then my computer would not let me download photos so that I could make a post. That problem is fixed now.

I apologise Amy USA that your block will just be going in the mail tomorrow. I hope it will be there in time for you to get the quilt together for your dad's birthday! Anthea, I agree with Canada Amy that I am happy to make a block or two more for you, just let me know.

Here are my two blocks:

A star for Amy...

...and a whirlygig for Anthea:

I hope you are all doing well and staying warm.
Spring is almost here!
Glad to be in touch again, you have been in my thoughts!


  1. I have missed you Jennifer and I hope your world is now back on the path you want it to be.
    Thankyou for your gorgeous whirlygig. I have admired that green fabric before and that white is lovely too.
    I am quite undecided about how I am going to put the whirlygigs together. Repeated whirlgig blocks look great as do the more spacious arrangements where the main blocks are plonked together and large blocks of fabric complete the rest of the quilt. I found another nice example over on Blue Elephant Stiches - check out her 2 Dec 2013 photos of her Feather Quilt.
    Now, I know I haven't answered your question, but my uncertainty explains my hesitance over knowing whether to request two blocks of those who are keen to sew a second. Perhaps I shall say: yes please for a second version of the whirlygig but only (and I seriously mean this as I know how busy life can be) if you have time and the inclination.
    Oh, and I think your star for Amy is nicely bold and triumphant Jennifer - it will make mine look quite dull I fear Amy.

  2. Welcome back Jennifer! I completely understand February being "one of those months!" The blocks look great!!!