Saturday, March 8, 2014

Anthea's Greens

After a month away from my sewing machine, I was able to finish off February's and March's blocks in one day! Your whirlygigs were so much fun to create... I only had two greens in my stash that fit your criteria. I hope you like them. Lots of love from chilly Canada. I type this while my kids run around like crazed monkeys - it must be the March break holiday. Next month is my month and I have NO idea what pattern to pick... I am eager to figure this out and can't wait to share the news with all of you.



  1. I LOVE your white on white with the trees!! Gorgeous! I almost picked the Amy Butler on the right too. We have the same taste! Love the retro feel of the green on the left. Well done!

  2. Anthea, This was a perfect block for the start of spring...easy, happy, and playful. Katy, your work is bright and fresh and I hope your spring days are looking and feeling the same way too before much longer. We are having a streak of total sunshine weather and on a walk yesterday I came upon a lawn that was covered completely with purple and white crocuses. May it please continue!

  3. Love love love them Katy. Both greens are fun and just what I am after and the whites are great. Thankyou so very much and good luck with choosing us a block to create - that's quite the hardest part I think.