Friday, March 7, 2014

Amy's Star!

Amy...just dropped this in the mail today, and my apologies for the delay... For some reason, February ate me up, and I didn't touch my sewing machine once. I did cut some of my HSTs for my large 2013 Stashes quilt into tidy little squares, but besides that was "sewing absent". Here's hoping March will be a better month for sewing! You have intelligently given me so much practice with HSTs that I now am actually starting to love them! Hope your quilt turns out beautifully. I love the colours and the design.

love, Katy


  1. The star looks great! Glad all my HSTs have helped! ;) i hated them when I started, now I love them! (Obviously lol!) I just finished cutting, sewing and trimming 40 HST's for my new nephew's quilt-I love the little pile of trimmings! :)

  2. It's a great star Katy. I love your blue fabric choice and I think the solid red really sets the small blue print off nicely