Friday, April 18, 2014

Hi All, My computer works again!

I'm back! It turns out that there was a computer problem.  My husband has updated the browser and now I can load photos again.  What a relief!
Although I haven't written anything for a long time I have been reading everyone's posts.  It was lovely to see Donna Jo's first post and all her beautiful work.  This year's charity quilt looks great and I am looking forward to making the block as well as this month's terrific stack-of-books block.
My other news is that I have moved house.  I have moved about 10 km from one Swiss village to another. The new village is called St Légier.  It is very close to my girls' school and to Claire's house.  In fact Claire lives so close to me that if I was in the Australian cricket team I could probably throw a cricket ball to her garden.  We can have crafty get-togethers whenever we want.
I have posted a couple of photos of my new sewing room.  I spent a couple of hours trying to sort it out but, as you can see, it probably needs a few more hours work.  I put all my fabrics in one shelving unit and I am surprised by how much fabric I own.  Once I clear a table I will be able to start on this month's block. 
Tomorrow my family and I are going to Istanbul for the Easter weekend.  Calum thought that by the time we had moved house and unpacked that we would need three nights away to recover.
I am very happy that I can blog again.
Bonne Paques! 


  1. Istanbul for Easter sounds fabulous, how lucky you and your family are Linsay to be so close to exotic destinations. What a great reward for dealing with the trials of moving house.
    Your new sewing room looks spacious and full of wonderful light. I love seeing stacks of fabric arranged by colour - and there looks like lots of goodies in those shelves Linsay.

  2. Great that you have a sewing room in your new house! Hope to see it someday soon.

  3. Gorgeous light from that window! Looks like a nice cheery place to sew. Please show us when it is all set up! Amy