Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jennifer's Blocks for Katy

I'm leaving for the US tomorrow and wanted to have a few sewing projects finished before I left.

Here is Katy's block:
It took a little more planning and tinkering than I originally thought but I loved sifting through my scraps and playing with the color values and layout. I was wondering if any of these same fabrics were used in the blocks that I made for Katy's first International Stashes quilt. I continue to be thrilled with all of the variety of projects that our group choose each month. Thanks girls!
Here is the charity block:
Thank you again Katy for taking on this project this year. This was a quick block to put together and I think it is going to be so charming with all of the fussy cut centers.  Thank you too to Amy (Canada) for the tip in the comments section on what size to cut the squares for the HSTs, I also started out with 3.5 inch squares for the HSTs and then I remembered your advice.
And finally! Here is the 2013 top that I have been procrastinating on:
I just have not bonded properly with this quilt, I haven't been able to get excited about it, maybe not modern enough for my tastes? I'm not sure. What do you think of it?  I could not stand to have it just sitting on my shelf either. All I needed to do was add two more zig zag borders and I finally did that last night. Now I am going to take it to the US with me tomorrow and send it to Amy (USA) and have her use her new long arm quilting skills to quilt it for me. I have given her free rein to do what ever she thinks would look best for the quilting part. No pressure Amy but we will all be looking forward to seeing what you decide is best for it. Here is the backing fabric I ordered to go with it:
I hope you are all doing well!


  1. I LOVE your Christmas quilt! Your borders are fantastic. They tie the quilt in perfectly and make it look like our Christmases from our childhood. Modern, maybe not. But totally nostalgic, and isn't that was Christmas and holidays are about? Wonderful!!

    Great job on Katy's squares too. Your book square is so vibrant and bright. Perfect for Katy!!!

    1. Thanks Amy! I think that perhaps I have just been looking at the Christmas quilt for too long so it is good to hear about it from someone with fresh eyes!

  2. Jennifer! I adore my block!!! and the charity block cow is too cute... I haven't started making any blocks for the charity quilt, so I'm glad it is easy :)
    I personally love your Christmas quilt - it is modern and traditional - the combination of colours makes it funky and cheerful. I can't wait to see how Amy top-stitches it...

    Safe travels. Talk soon!

  3. That cow is delightfully cute Jennifer, what a great contribution to the charity quilt. And I love the way you've stitched up Katy's block - with that pink rectangle almost teetering off the green one.
    You might not be in love with it, but it is great to see your Christmas quilt. It's very festive and I like trying to track down the same stars done in different fabrics. Your zig zag border makes a striking frame.