Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sneak preview of 2012 HST Value Quilt

Couldn't help but share the beginnings of how my quilt top is going to look!!! This is the value HST exercise you all so patiently participated in last year with me during my month. I had a lot of fun rearranging all of the HSTs into an arrangement I think is most lovely to the eye... Each print delights me. I'm going to give this quilt to my momma...shhhh, don't tell her yet. I aim to give it to her at Easter. We'll see!

Question for all of you...right now it's just shy of a queen size quilt - would it look ok with a border? What kind of border would you put on it? Some of the backing fabric? Or a solid, to really frame it? Help!!

Last night, I went fabric browsing at my local fabric shop and found out they're closing, so all fabric was 40% off... even on sale, this fabric was waaaaay too expensive ($CAN 25 a meter) at the local store (I think given the cost of shipping from it is still a bit cheaper, but not sure... anyway, cost be darned, I fell in love with it. I think it will make a pretty backing, and I have enough to make two pillow cases. It's from Henry Glass Co & Inc, and the designer Amy Hamberlin.

Spring seems to finally have sprung here in Ottawa, Canada. The snow is melting slowly off the driveways and I can see the sidewalks now...

Love, Katy


  1. Gorgeous!!! I think a dark solid border would be nice, or a dark small print to really set it off. Love the backing fabric! So pretty and mod!!!

  2. Wow this is going to be impressive Katy. I think I agree with Amy, a dark border of some description would frame it nicely. There were plain and patterned ones on my google search for ideas, even a stripe. They all looked good and they were all only thin. Maybe something that works with the darker flower of the backing?