Sunday, April 6, 2014

Post for Donna Jo

I am so grateful to have Amy (USA) help me post my blocks (so far) on the International Stashes blog.  I’m not very computer oriented and my last child left for college last fall…I can’t tell you the things I have done without while she has been gone!  It has been good to be a part of this group as I am not enjoying being an empty-nester.  It has also been good for me as I seem to have forgotten how to be creative lately!  Thank you Amy for helping me post these blocks.
Jennifer’s Giant Modern 9-Patch:
This was a very hard block for me because I guess that I am to rigid (Not cut with a ruler???  Impossible!).  I love 9-patch blocks though, and even though the color choice could not have been further than my comfort zone, I am intrigued with this quilt and look forward to seeing it completed. 
(USA) Amy’s LeMoyne Star:
I should share that when I first began quilting, my first quilts were mostly maroon and blue.  For years…  I still love blue the very best!   I wasn’t paying very much attention to “which” Amy this block belonged to, and hadn’t mailed it yet as I needed to fill out my customs form.  Imagine my surprise to find out that Amy lives very close to me and I was able to deliver my blocks in person and meet Amy.  Having spent two years in the ex-pat community (England and Indonesia), I love red, white, and blue!   I am sure that this quilt will be especially touching when completed.
Anthea Green Whirlygiggles
These blocks are so cheerful.  We have had the longest winter ever (it seems) here in Iowa.  I will be interested to see how you set these blocks.  I didn’t have any “funky-er” greens, and the local shop really didn’t either…but these greens I think are interesting.  I didn’t square them up as you will probably have several sizes. 
Katy’s Stacked Books Block
This was so fun!  I have tons of novelty and bright fabrics.  I have never seen a quilt like this before. 
2014 Charity Block
This will be a very cheerful quilt.


  1. So glad to meet you Donna Jo! I am excited that we are so close to each other! Glad to help out :)
    Amy (USA)

  2. Look at all your marvellous work Donna Jo - I think we will be learning from you. Your whirlygigs are just wonderful - I especially love the green with the dotted squares. Thank you so very much.
    Your Le Moyne star blocks are super and I am sure Amy must love them.
    Glad to have you in our group.

  3. It's wonderful to see all of your work, Donna Jo. How fun too that you got to meet Amy and hand deliver her block. Your block for me is a perfect fit with the others. I am taking all of the modern nine patch blocks to the US with me. My mom and I will sew them together and Amy (USA) is also going to quilt this one for me.