Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Here is the finished quilt.  I thought it was going to be ready a month ago but moving house got in the way.  I am very happy with it.  The different reds and blues are great and the little motifs in the centre of each block add a touch of quirky-ness which is fun.
The border is made of squares to carry on the theme from the main part of the quilt and I quilted the border with a pattern which goes around each square and joins onto the next square.

In each block I quilted on the polka dots, around each coloured area.  When you made the blocks you pressed the seams towards the coloured part, this allows the quilting to flatten the polka dots a bit and raises the coloured parts.  This is a tiny detail that makes very little difference to the overall quilt but I like the effect of the reds and blues being prominent.

Here is another part of the border.  I ran out of polka dots so I just used some stars instead.  I like a haphazard mixture of fabrics in quilts.

This is the back and it is an Ikea fabric.  Every time I go to Ikea (which isn't often) I always examine all the fabrics.  This is only the second fabric I have ever found that is light enough for me to sew with.  Happily, it was exactly the right width for my quilt.  I didn't plan it, it just worked.

Thank you all for making such nice blocks for me for this quilt.  The new blocks have been arriving and I think this years quilt is going to be even better.


  1. This turned out magnificently!! Congratulations! I love your quilting!

  2. Oh Linsay, this is beautiful. I agree, the different blues and reds look fabulous together - such a fun, bright and cheerful quilt. I really love your border of squares. And the hand quilting too.

  3. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love your border. Well done!

  4. Such beautiful work, Linsay! Is it for sale? ;-)

  5. This looks amazing!

  6. Love this quilt, Linsay---it is so fun to see finishes (mine has yet to proceed, but I'm hoping at retreat this month...)