Thursday, September 4, 2014

Amy (Canada)

I love this project, Pam! I love the simplicity of the designs. It gives us a chance to play with color. I chose a log cabin because to me it represents classic quilting which reminds me of my grandmother. She is who taught me to sew, and I've always had a special relationship with her. I visited her in June in Denver and we watched the quilting movie Jennifer sent us last year. I love that we share quilting together. She hasn't been doing well lately, so this square was an opportunity to feel close to her. I was actually talking to her on the phone while making it! Thank you for the fun square!

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  1. Amy, so pretty! Thanks for sharing, I am going to do mine today. AND I have photos of the charity quilt from 2013 to share, it's finished and ready to give away.