Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Charity Block and Pam's Block

After a terrible summer here in Switzerland we are having a very warm and sunny Autumn, it's great. Yesterday I made the charity block which was great fun.  I have some lovely fish print fabric which I used for the centre square.  The fish pattern is a bit too big and so the result is a suggestion of fish swimming past. This isn't what I hoped for but it looks fine.
 Here is Pam's block which is 6 1/2 inches square.  It is a cute little baby block.  The final quilt should look wonderful with all the solid fabric colours.
Tomorrow Scotland votes on the subject of independence.  I am feeling very nervous about it.  I don't have a vote because I don't live in Scotland but if I did I would vote 'No' to independence.  The opinion poles are extremely close, about 48% yes and 52% no.  Which ever way the vote goes half of the country is going to be very disappointed on Friday morning. Time will tell.

To keep my mind off the situation I am going off to post these blocks.


  1. Linsay! That was so fast, I received your beautiful charity block in the mail today! And the fish are lovely in the centre... I have to post an update of the charity blocks I've received so far, and I need to make my own! My mother in law has agreed to help top-stitch the quilt with some of her quilting friends, the traditional hand sewn way...she is mennonite, and quilting is a long-held tradition in the mennonite community - her quilting is incredible and puts my machine-sewn quilts to shame! I think we will end up with a twin quilt...will be really bright and cheerful!

    And in other news, how do you feel now that Scotland has voted No? I too waited with baited felt very much like when Quebec had their 'Yes/No' referendum...

    Much love from chilly Canada...our fall has been very wet and cold. Apparently we're getting warmer weather this week! I haven't been sewing much as we've been renovating and been busy with summer activities...but now that the cooler weather is here, I feel a draw to my machine again.


  2. Think the fish look very sweet. Love the baby block!