Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Octobers Framed Pinwheel Block

I have decided on a framed pinwheel block for my month.
The idea and the tutorial came from this link:
For the colours I have taken inspiration from my daughters Hello Kitty duvet cover:

So, for this block I would like solid plain white to replace the cream in the tutorial. For the patterned fabric - no solid colours) I am hoping for modern looking prints with a colour palette as above with mostly pinks, and also turquoise (not blue as it looks in the photo above!), lime green, dark yellow and I think soft grey will work well too.
I would like the pinwheel to match the direction in the tutorial please. If you can, I would like every patterned piece to be different. I preferred to make the half square triangle squares by cutting 3" squares of white and a print, stitching 1/4" either side of the diagonal, cutting on the diagonal and then trimming the final squares to 2.5". (This will also give you a surplus of 4 half square triangles squares so you can either cut as per the instructions or you are welcome to send them to me with your block!)
I cut....
4 x rectangles 2.5" x 4.5"
4 x 3" squares
Patterned fabric
4 x 2.5" squares
4 x 3" squares
(I ironed seam to coloured sides)
You should end up with a 8.5" block
Happy sewing!!


  1. Thanks Claire, This looks like a fun block to make and I'm glad I get to use some of my pinks. I don't get to use them often enough! I'll get started on it soon. Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous fall weather.

  2. Claire! This is so pretty! I love love the fabric you've chosen and the design...I will be digging into my stash this weekend to work up all blocks owing! xxo Katy

  3. I've returned from my long long lovely holiday in New Zealand (wonderful trip) and am looking forward to getting into this block Claire. I wasn't completely starved of creation while away - I knitted and crocheted during our journey, but playing with fabrics again will be fun

  4. Dear Claire, I just finished my block for you. I will post a photo of it in a few days but wanted you to know that it will be in the mail tomorrow. It was a fun block to make and I loved the colors that I worked with. Thanks for the clear and easy directions.