Thursday, October 9, 2014

Charity Block

Here is my charity block. I also went to choose a fussy cut print and found some really cute dog fabric which I love. My daughter is now keen to have something made out of this too. I started this when the instructions were first posted but didn't see the advice about cut size for the HSTs until I'd already made them all too small! So, I put it away for a bit and recently brought it back out to finish. This quilt is going to look really fun.


  1. So pretty!! I can't wait to get it and start to piece this quilt together...I haven't made my block yet (sheepish!!) but am feeling the sewing mojo flowing again... My mother in law has agreed to top stitch this quilt by hand in her basement as soon as I have it all together :) yay!!
    xxox Katy (I love the dog!)

  2. Cute puppy, cute dots, it looks great Claire.