Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Katy Catching Up

I'm sorry for the silence and the late arrival of my blocks from the end of 2014... My sewing machine went on the fritz, and then life got extraordinarily busy, and I lost my sewing mojo...but in December I got a new machine (yay) and I cleared my sewing space and mental headspace, and I'm slowly tackling all of my late blocks... here they are, all put in the mail over the past few days!

Much love and happy new year to you... Looking forward to the new bimonthly schedule this year! Just what I need to keep me motivated and inspired by all of you and your artistic visions.

 Micaela's Blocked in Block in pink, my favourite colour...
 Jamie's stacked books block...I chose these fabrics as a children's book theme...
And a solid bear claw block for Pam...I'm so excited to see a picture of the final quilts.

More on their way!

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  1. Gorgeous stuff as always Katy. Love those balloons you used for Jamie's block - such a cute idea to have a kids section in her bookcase. Happy sewing.