Saturday, January 31, 2015

Katy Catching Up 2.0

I am slowly ticking off every line on my sewing to-do list!!

First, I finished Claire's framed pinwheel block, which I am delighted with. My new machine seems to be better at keeping things in line, so my points are FINALLY lining up... I put the extra HSTs in the card and will mail it this aft!

Then I tackled Donna Jo's flying geese. The turquoise solid is quite bright in real life but appears more navy blue in the picture (I'm just using my phone camera...) I love love love the floral print fabric, which is a Liberty of London print that my mom bought in London back when she was doing a sabbatical at Oxford with my dad and was pregnant with me (that was in 1974!)... it is beautiful...I'd like to make a blouse with it for this upcoming summer....

Then I started to go through my other piles to find out what else I need to do to complete the 2014 projects!

I need to make 2 more of my own stacked book block and will piece this together for a baby quilt for my brother and his wife who are due in June!

I also need to finish 2 more blocks for our 2014 Charity Quilt...I think I will end up top-stitching it with my own machine...hoping to get that done before spring is here... I am not sure who sent me the block with the little Holly Hobby girl, but the size is a bit off...I think I can salvage it by undoing the seams on the edges...we'll see! I ADORE how this pattern looks in bright colours of various shades with the fussy cut centres! I can't choose a favourite!
And quilt from is Almost finished. I just need to finish the top stitching and sew up the edges. I think I'm going to use the 'fold over' method with the backing material.... I have promised this quilt to my mom for her birthday (in 2013...) so I'm way late. She bought me my new sewing machine for my birthday/Christmas and said very sweetly 'maybe now you can finish my quilt?!' soooo...this is first on the to-do list after I polish off Jennifer's January block!'s cold and sunny here with a new blanket of snow on the ground, just the way I like a winter weekend. I'm off to cross-country ski with some girlfriends for a day/night away, and boy do I need it. I started a new job in January and it is leaving me a little bit fried by the weekend...

love to you all,


  1. How prolific you have been Katy. I love seeing all your completions: the high-low value quilt top is looking fabulous and I really like seeing the stacked blocks stacked sideways across the quilt - what a great way to arrange the blocks. And I agree, the charity quilt blocks look excellent together. Claire's pinwheel is so pretty and sweet (oh I am keen on seeing the completed quilt Claire) and thankyou for sharing the great story behind the Liberty print in your flying geese.
    Have a ball skiing (one of my favourite winter activities when I lived in Tasmania) and good luck with your new job

  2. Hello Katy, the pinwheel block looks lovely thank you!. I laid all of the blocks out the other day to see what I had to do to complete it, but I have now run out of white fabric and so has my local shop so my momentum has temporarily stuttered. You have so much to do with all the quilts on the go!!

  3. That value quilt- OMG. GORGEOUS!!!
    Love your geese. The blues are pretty.