Saturday, December 26, 2015

Jennifer's Block for January/February

Hello Everyone! I'm excited to get started on another year. Here we go!

In the next two months I am going to be working on two quits...with your help. They are for two wonderful little girls in my life whose mother died of cancer just a few weeks ago at the age of 45. The girls are 9 and 11. One quilt is going to be in blues and greens, the other quilt will be in pinks and purples. Please make two blocks (or more!) for either quilt. The finished size of each block is 9 1/2." I got the idea for this block here:
But here are the condensed instructions:

To Make 2 Blocks Cut the Following:

16 of  3" squares using a variety of prints (modern florals/ geometrics in lights, mediums, darks)
16 of  3" square in solid white

1 of  6" square using a variety of prints (modern florals/geometrics a light, medium, or dark)
1 of  6" square in solid white

3 of 4" squares using a variety of prints(modern florals/geometrics in lights, mediums, darks) 
3 of 4" squares in solid white

Pair a white and a print of each size and make a line down the middle. Chain stitch 1/4" on either side of the middle line:
After all pieces have been stitched on both sides of the line, cut down the middle line and trim to the following sizes:
3" pieces trim to 2"
6" pieces trim to 5"
4" pieces trim to 3 1/2 
Lay out your two blocks, paying attention to placement of lights, mediums, and darks and making sure not to place two of the same fabric side by side:
Sew together in sections:
And here you are, a 9 1/2" block for the pink and purple quilt:
Both quilts have the same block, only the colors change. Here are the fabrics I'll be using for the blue and green quilt:
Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for helping me with this project!


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