Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Back to the Blog!

I'm so glad we have decided to continue for another year. I'm also glad that we have agreed to start the blog up again. It is such a nice reminder (all in one place) of what we have created.  I think I have most of my photos from this past year so I will post them now. Also, if there is not a schedule made yet for 2016, let me know. If it is OK, I have an idea to get us started in January/February. I could make a post for the first block in the next few days.

So a year in review...I will start with the blocks that I just made today for Michaela. I have so much fabric in my stash and have not bought any new fabric in a year or so. I feel, however, like my stash is getting bit stale. You ladies who have been with the group since the beginning will certainly recognize some of these fabrics! I did have fun making these and I hope that you like the color green Micaela!

And here are the rest of the blocks I made this year, starting with mine from Last January/February. I am very motivated to put these all together in January. 

I am also excited to say that Amy in Ohio has just finished long arm quilting two of my bee quilts from a year or two ago. As soon as I receive tham and get bindings put on I will be sure to post for everyone to see!

Happy Holidays everyone! I look forward to seeing your work on our blog very soon. 

PS: I am also going to update my profile on the "Who We Are" page of this blog. I hope you all will join me!


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  1. So glad to see you back! I may have to join back up with you all if you need another at some point! I'll have a finish from this Bee to post before long, can't wait to share it.