Monday, February 13, 2012

A final block for Jennifer

I was certainly in a state of flow while creating this block for Jennifer. I'm not sure there's a lot of 'wonk' going on but I really loved going back and forth with the fabrics and colours to reach a satisfying look. Or is it too overwhelming? I must confess that one of my black and white fabrics is actually mostly grey, with some white and black. Is that called artistic licence? I hope it's worth the wait my friend:) Shall be in the post tomorrow! 

I've come to the realisation that a quilting bee is just the thing for me with all the ideas and inspiration that each mini project brings (without a full size quilt to complete). Perfect! Can't wait for next month's.


  1. Chris, thanks so much!! The amazing thing is, is that there is such a nice variation of light, medium, and dark fabric in the overall collection of blocks that I have received from everyone. Chris, yours is NOT too overwhelming. I LOVE color and pattern, they both make me happy! When I sew all of these blocks together just think of what an exciting quilt it will be to look at and study. I will never get bored looking at it. The fun continues!

  2. Your block is really pretty! I love the fact that its colors seems softer and lighter than other blocks that have been posted -- it will add contrast to what Jennifer already has. I love gray -- I've just recently gotten enough of it to give it its own pile in my stash:) Looking forward to seeing more blocks from you!! --Meg