Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jennifer's and Meg's School Quilt Project

Hi Everyone!

For the past two days Meg and I have been working with primary students on quilts for the school's 50th Anniversary. We have done this project for the past four years but for International Day.

Fabrics this year were chosen with "party" themes:

Birthday Party fabrics:

Beach Party fabrics:

Meg spent hours cutting everything perfectly and then organizing parents to help with the sewing and ironing.

When each class came to the quilt making area, they worked with a partner. Students had to decide with their partner whether they would make a "birthday party block" or a "beach party block." There were four templates that students used to arrange their fabrics.

After the students made their choices they took their design board over to the sewing ladies:

(Here is Meg in the foreground!)
After the blocks were sewed, another parent ironed.

Here is the first layout of the blocks all together:

Between now and June, Meg and I will each take a set of blocks and construct each quilt. The quilts will then be raffled off to raise money for a school project to reflect the 50th Anniversary.



  1. Wow, even as tired as I am, I loved reading the post about this fun, fun day! I'm glad you took the photos of the quilts up on the design wall -- I'd grown a little discouraged about the 'energy' of the Happy Birthday quilt, but the photos clearly show that enough variety will eventually pull everything together!

    Jennifer and/or I will definitely post photos of the finished quilts!

  2. What a fun project to do with kids! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. What an amazing amount of work involved! I'm sure the students had a lot of fun not to mention the parent helpers. Bravo Jennifer and Meg!