Thursday, February 2, 2012

My two squares (Amy in Canada)

So, the first square is for Katy's quilt. I have three girls, I couldn't help but go pink! And to explain why the mother of a 2.5 week old is finishing her square the day after it was posted, my excuse is that my parents are here for only five more days, and then I'm on my own! I have to use this time wisely...

As for the second square, it is actually not the one I sent to Jennifer, but I forgot to take a picture of it, so I'm posting this picture. I didn't read the directions and didn't do this one properly, but it is basically the same fabrics, so I'd thought I'd post it to give you all an idea of what mine looked like.

Loving this project!!


  1. Amy, I love your fabrics! Thanks for showing us your blocks. I often check this site to see if anyone has added something. Fun, fun!

  2. Wow! Way to go! I don't think I would even be able to remember where my machine was if I had a newborn around! Enjoy your time with your parents!
    Amy Martin

  3. Thanks Shauna! I have a pretty big scrap pile, and you are very welcome to raid it if you need specific colors!!

    Amy, where in Iowa are you moving to? I grew up in Naperville, IL and my brother and his family just moved to Iowa City.

    1. A good friend of mine is from Naperville! I am from Rock Island, IL originally (Quad Cities). We are moving to Des Moines. Iowa City is a great city!

  4. Since I worked with Amy a number of years I can tell you all that she is always a superstar! If she has her mind set on accomplishing something it is going to get done! The pink block is sweet Amy. I like your display wall. I need to find something other than my floor to take photos of my work. I think I am going to make my block for Katy in black and whites...maybe a second block in greens...a bit nervous about having to measure accurately but I am up for the challenge! :-)


  5. I am amazed that you have been so productive and congratulations on the arrival of your baby. Was she born on the 17th because that's my birthday? The blocks look lovely, I especially like the little monkey face smiling out at us.


  6. Thanks ladies!
    Juliette was born on the 16th. Close to your birthday, Linsay! She is so snuggly and sweet- just drinking her in!

  7. Amy
    I LOVE your blocks... and the fabric choices speak 'you' so well! I will have no troubles remembering the artists behind each block...
    Can't wait to meet Juliette. Speaking of, I have her quilt ready...will pop by sometime this weekend to deliver it :)

  8. congratulations on your new baby!! What a great way to start 2012! And I am beyond impressed that you managed to get these blocks out the door:) Looking forward to seeing more of your work as the year goes on!

  9. Congratulations Amy! Wonderful news. I hope you are getting some rest :)