Monday, March 26, 2012

Katy's Geese for Meg!

Hello friends! I wanted to report that this group and these monthly projects are such an inspiration for me. I am inspired...

To look at fabric differently.
To try new patterns.
To try new colour combinations.
To stretch!!

I really had fun with these geese. I didn't quite believe Meg when she said they are addictive, in all honesty. But last night, I did burn my rice pilaf while trying to sew "just one more"... I had a progression in creativity with these geese. My first attempts were made with little strips of leftover fabric I had in my cupboard. I know Meg also loves Anna Maria Horner, so I showcased some of her prints from a now discontinued release. But I didn't have a lot of that fabric left... So my second strip ended up looking more like chevrons than geese. Meg, I put the chevrons in the package and you can decide if you want to keep or modify or discard... The black and white dalmation print is from fabric I have been wanting to use from my mom's stash for decades now. She bought it in 1974 when studying at the London School of Economics in England...and also where she married my dad! I remember being caught cutting this fabric up when I was a young girl!! It is Liberty of London fabric...vintage and lovely and hopefully fits with the geese motif. Dogs chasing geese?!

So after those two tiny strips, I didn't quite have enough of a contribution for Meg, so I did go out and buy some new fabric for the larger geese yesterday afternoon. I love the black and white bird print that I found. And the fabric that looks red in the photo is actually a bright shade of pink, a Michael Miller design. There are always some really wonderful prints hidden in the mishmash of junk at our local fabric oddsnends store, lensmill. So, there are my geese. And I'm hooked. I tried to be more careful with my cutting and sewing and I think overall my geese are more precise because of my efforts. I keep learning, and that is all I could ask for. And I'm having super fun. Meg, I'll send them in the mail today! They should get to you before April.  ~ Katy


  1. I LOVE that birdie fabric!!! Beautiful geese!

  2. Hi Katy! I like the story about the dog fabric..where it came from, you cutting it up as a child, and now it is being used for a quilting bee! (I just discovered that if I click on the photos they enlarge, very helpful! That doggie fabric is adorable! The birds are too.) I was just telling Meg that in the second birthday quilt that I made, I used some fabric that was among my grandmother's things. Bits of that fabric have gone into several quilts, I think it must be from the late 60s or early 70s; another great thing about quilting...the stories we can tell about the fabrics!

  3. I love the diversity of all the flying geese, the fabrics and the stories behind them. I am spending more time in my sewing room too and it is because I am playing with all the ideas that have grown from this group. Thanks for the tip about clicking on the photo for a bigger image Jennifer, it does help a lot. I'm looking forward to next month’s project already.