Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Meg's March Block

I really enjoyed putting this block together! I like HST's....I know-crazy ;)  I loved sorting through my blue stash to find fabrics and couldn't resist using the sailboat fabric in the block. A helpful hint I learned for HST's- cut your squares a little larger than required and then you will be able to square up the HST's to the desired size and (possibly) have perfect points! So for these HST's the directions say to cut 20 blue squares and 20 white squares at 3 3/8" x 3 3/8". I cut mine at 3.5" x 3.5", followed the directions and then at the last step trimmed them down to 3" x 3".  It has really helped me with my HST's.  Can't wait to see this quilt together Meg!

Meg- Just noticed the pattern block is laid out differently than the picture of your inspiration quilt. I placed my sub-blocks in the same direction as the pattern-which ends up with the HST's creating 'flying geese' where the sub-blocks meet. The inspiration quilt sub-blocks are laid out with two of them with triangle points facing in and two with triangle points facing out which will creat a pinwheel effect when you put all the blocks together. It changes the center "shape" of the whole block.  Which layout do you prefer?
Amy (USA)


  1. Love those sailboats Amy.

    Thanks for the tip about cutting your squares a bit bigger - I am feeling the pressure (from myself) about getting the points pointy.

  2. Hi Amy, Thanks for the tip on making the HSTs a bit bigger. I'm going to start working on mine tonight. I hope I can make mine as precise as yours! I like your fabric combinations of lights, mediums, and darks. After seeing yours, I think I need to find a few dark blues to add to the fabrics that I originally selected for this project.

  3. There's something so soothing about how the triangles all flow in this. I needed a little soothing today.

  4. Hi Amy! Your block is gorgeous! Thank you so much....I just cannot wait to see them all together. Also, thanks so much for your wonderful attention to detail and noticing the difference in the layouts. It's so nice to be in a group where we are all hoping for an equally terrific outcome for each others' projects:) If you haven't pulled your sub-blocks apart yet, don't bother -- I may well end up with this layout anyway as I really love the look of it in your photo. Finally, are you the Amy of the Spiderwebs or is that the other one? I have had those blocks sitting here for three weeks now and can't find their address....if it's you, will you let me know? Thanks again, xxxooo

    1. I will send the block as is then! I am not the "Amy" of the spider blocks- they go to Amy in Canada. I will send you her address via email if she hasn't already!