Monday, June 17, 2013

Katy's Square(s)

I offered to sew Katy's square this month because she is very busy and a wee bit stressed! I was happy to sew up a square for her. My sewing to-do list is surprisingly short, and I've come to love how these come together. I found the blue floral on the right in the same line as the polka dot and loved it. I found the red and white circles and though, "perfect". I wanted to incorporate Red Riding Hood, so put her in the middle. However, when I finished, I found that the polka dot blended too much with the blue, and Red didn't pop as much as I wanted. I can't stop thinking that it looks like Red is lost in the mire of a Japanese blossom forest, and that kept me from ripping it apart. So, I felt compelled to make another square with a center that popped more and one where the polka dots didn't blend. Hence, the camera square. I bought the camera fabric for a close friend of mine who is a photographer. I made a wallet as a birthday present out of that fabric for her this year. So.... I will send them both to you, Linsay, and you can decide what to do! 

And, here is the rest of the repeat of that fabric. I made matching dresses for my older girls with it. Juliette will just now fit into the smaller one!


  1. I am SOOOO grateful for your help Amy. The blocks are gorgeous. I feel lucky and loved and am so happy I'm a part of this amazing group of women. We move to Ottawa in August...then I think my life should return to normal...a new normal, but some type of normal. And my sewing room will once again be a place of peace... Thank you!!!!

    (I love the squirrel fabric...adore it!)

  2. Hi Amy, So happy to see that you used larger "small" polka dots like the ones in my block. I had started to think that maybe I needed to redo mine with really itty bitty ones. I still may do a second one for Linsay too. I think I can dig around and find something more interesting for the middle. Love your red riding hood and the camera really gives variety too. Good luck with your move Katy!

  3. LOVE that camera center, and the poor tortured raccoon... hilarious fabric!