Sunday, July 7, 2013

Linsay's block by Chris

After a fabulous trip to Europe here I am back home and reunited with my sewing machine! I was sorry to miss you in Lausanne, Linsay. I've enjoyed sewing again and creating this block for you. Many thanks for your patience.

The cheeky little girl in the middle is by Aunty Cookie, a Melbourne based fabric designer.


  1. Always love your fabric choices Chris. So pretty.

  2. Wonderful, Chris! I love the Aunty Cookie characters. Thanks for bringing a strip for me. I still want to frame them.

  3. Thank you Chris, this block is lovely. The little girl in the middle is great, so cute. Thank you to everyone else who has posted photos of their blocks. I am thrilled with all of them. I am sorry that I haven't commented on them all. You know what this time of year is like with the end of school activities and summertime visitors.
    This week I finished the binding on the last year's quilt, just in time to start work on this year's one. I love it and I have put it on Flora's bed. She is on summer camp and returns next weekend so the quilt will be a welcome home surprise. (Not that much of a surprise since she has known it is her quilt for months.)

  4. This will be such a fun quilt, I am looking forward to seeing the blocks together.