Friday, September 27, 2013

Anthea's String Blocks for Stephanie

The arrival of spring has meant there are lots of lovely outside things to do on my days off and so I have had to be pretty focussed to finish these blocks before the end of the month.  But once I had all the fabrics sorted out, they were very easy to complete.
I found choosing the fabrics quite tricky - I even went and checked out my local fabric shop's selection of Kaffe Fassett cottons to absorb some understanding of what sets his style apart from other designers. My very un-educated conclusion is that it is full-on colour saturation and no white. So using that and your comments of "brighter jewel tones" Stephanie as a guide, I hope I have created some blocks that you can use.
Thank you Jennifer for your kind scrap donation earlier in the year - having them to use was such a big help.


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  1. Beautiful work, Anthea! Glad you could use some of the scraps. I hope to see many end of month posts this weekend, this month has flown by! I too will be working on my block for Stephanie. Happy Friday everyone!