Thursday, October 3, 2013

Better Late Than Never ?!? are my July blocks. Hot off the sewing machine today! THANK YOU DORIS, for patiently awaiting these blocks. Hopefully they will fit into the 2 empty spots nicely. Ahem! I now have some printed text fabrics to add to my stash! are my 2 August blocks! Thank you CHRIS for your patience!! The pinks look a tad washed out in this photo. Looking forward to seeing all of our blocks together :)

And soon to be September and October blocks :)
Happy Fall, from Canada!


  1. Such a pretty pink pattern to that higher value fabric Shauna, I am sure Chris will love it too. And your cross and plus blocks are great - there is lots of lovely colour, but my favourite is the girl on the swing.

  2. Hi Shauna, I love all of the novelty prints that you used in the blocks for Doris...a boy, a dog, a fairy, a city, flowers, bikes...and your text fabrics too. This will be like a picture book quilt for Doris and the sweet children in her life to sit and enjoy together.

  3. Thank you Shauna! I look forward to receiving your blocks and arranging all the pink crosses. Happy Spring, from Australia :)

  4. Shauna, I love them! Great fussy cutting...Thank you!