Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Block for Amy (USA)

Hello All! Now that Fall is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere, I feel the need for a Christmas quilt! I have set the lofty goal of completing this quilt in time for Christmas for my parents! They have a cabin in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and I can picture this quilt on the couch by the fire! I spent quite a bit of time looking for inspiration and stumbled upon a block tutorial by Melissa at Happy Quilting. I am using her Star Value Tutorial-

I changed around the colors using reds, greens, and white/creams. If you have Christmas fabrics in your stash, use them! If not, I am looking for deeper reds (no pinks) and deeper greens. In my block, I feel like a few of the green triangles are too light, but I am going with it! You can use prints or solids. I included both creams and whites in the stars and outer corners.
Please use at least 4 different green fabrics and at least 6 different red fabrics.

Cutting Chart for a 16 inch block-

Red Squares for HST   need  16  measuring 3 inches x 3 inches

Green Squares for HST  need 12 measuring 3 inches x 3 inches

White/Cream Squares for Star HST  need 8  measuring 3 inches x 3 inches

White/Cream Squares for Diamond HST  need 4 measuring 3 inches x 3 inches

Red Squares need 16 cut 2 1/2 inches x 2 1/2 inches

White/Cream squares for Star  need 8 cut 2 1/2 inches x 2 1/2 inches

After cutting-
Match 4 green 3" x 3" with 4 white/cream 3" x 3"

Match 8 red 3" x 3" with 8 white/cream 3" x 3"

Match 8 red 3" x 3" with 8 green 3" x 3"

Follow Melissa's tutorial for making and trimming up the HST's to 2 1/2" squares and for assembling the block.  After I laid the block out, I took a picture before starting sewing. This definitely helped me when it was time to sew. I referred back to the picture many times & saved myself from having to use my seam ripper.
I am excited to see this quilt come together! My mom thinks our group here is absolutely amazing-I must agree! My biggest difficulty will be not telling her over the next couple of months!
If any questions arise please let me know!  Thanks in advance! 
Amy (USA)

PS I also got Stephanie's blocks done-just have to get to the post office!


  1. Wow, what a very impressive block you've chosen for use to create Amy. I am grateful (again) to Jennifer for the leftovers from her star block we started with back in January - you'll be seeing them. I've had a quick peek at the tutorial and it looks nice and straightforward. Your aim to complete before Christmas will make me get on with it!
    Great string block too.

  2. Thanks Amy! Over the years I have purchased quite a lot of Christmas fabric but have not taken the time to use much of it. I'm looking forward to getting it out and selecting the pieces for your block. I like your idea of giving it as a Christmas gift to your parents. Are you banning your mom from the blog so that it will be a surprise? Looking forward to getting started sewing!