Monday, January 27, 2014

Jennifer's January Square- Amy (Canada)

I LOVED THIS SQUARE!!! As you may have noticed, I am not a neutral kind of gal (see my previous color selections… BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT!!). I recently saved up to buy some fancy rain boots (that I promised my husband would last me 20 years). I have been wanting these boots forever and had very carefully selected the gray pair as they would match my maroon raincoat (that will also last me 20 years), would go with my other jackets, and I don't have gray boots, so they'd be perfect. I tried them on, but couldn't commit. I left the store and walked around the mall. I found another store that had the same boots, but their sample was red. Ah ha! That is what I wanted. Yep, I have bright red rain boots and they fit me perfectly! So, when I saw that this square was full of neutrals, I was skeptical. However, as I started selecting my colors (with two reds, of course) I started to see Jennifer's vision. I absolutely love how this went together, and love how it looks! This is going to be amazing, Jennifer! I cannot wait to see how it looks finished. Speaking of finished… My 2013 quilt is at the long arm quilter and I am so excited to get it back and bound. I will send pics soon, hopefully!


  1. It is bright and fun and I love that there a two greens and two reds Amy.

  2. Thank you Amy! I just posted in one of the other comments how much I like red, so I am happy to see it throughout your block. And I think you should have showed us a picture of your new red rainboots...they will last 20 years so you have plenty of time to get a picture out to us, I'm sure you look adorable in them! Also looking forward to seeing the photo of your 2013 quilt.